The use of emulsion explosives for blasting

The introduction of emulsion explosives for carrying out blasting operations has gained a huge impetus. They certainly do provide a lot of advantages when compared to the conventional explosives. The use of ammonia nitrate and fuel oil so far was considered a better alternative. But the rapid increase in the costs of fuel price has compelled the pioneers of the construction business to think of something more effective yet affordable. The advent of the emulsion explosives has made life easier for the construction industry. The main factors to be considered after the price of the explosive are its usage and the way the blasting operations are conducted. You can contact Etken Teknologi, they can help in blasting work.


Here we take a look at the characteristics of the emulsion explosives that should make it the ultimate blasting agent.

  1. The emulsion used for explosion has been tested and it can be concluded is does not explode when it is burnt. The only possibility of an explosion is when it is in close proximity of inflammable materials such as detonators, dynamites or aluminum powder. Thus, this emulsion explosive can be considered safe.
  2. In any of the conventional methods of blasting, the velocity of the detonation tends to increase the size of the particles that are present in the explosives. The particles present in the emulsion are smaller as a result, the blasting velocity is higher.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of these emulsion explosives are their water resistance properties. There is no issue in creating boreholes when filled with these explosives even if there is presence of water inside the holes.
  4. There is no danger of toxic gas emission. The emulsion explosives have unique structures that allow optimal oxygen balance. This successfully negates the chances of carbon and nitrogen gas emissions.
  5. Transportation of these emulsion explosives is also free of risks. They are referred as oxidizers so chances of explosion during transportation are not there. It only becomes explosive when it is used in the boreholes. Additionally, the emulsion explosives can withstand varying temperatures ranging fro -20 degree centigrade to 50 degree centigrade.


Understandably, these explosives are the best solutions for construction industries when they need to use them in sensitive areas. All the other issues related to blasting work like ground vibrations, fly-rock and harmful gas emissions can be thus prevented. Detailed documentation on the usability and success of using the emulsion explosives can be read online.

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